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  • Fantastic!

    I never knew it was this easy and cheap to keep in touch with friends and family far away. They can call me at local rates, but reach me on my mobile.

  • Mobility!

    Friends and family call a local number and reach me across the world on my mobile. It's cheap and I don't have to wait at home.

  • In business!

    With goTel I attract customers overseas because it only costs them a local call to reach me anywhere in the world.

Who We Are?

goTel is an innovative company based in Switzerland. We use the latest telecomunications technologies to connect loved ones across the world. Through our large network of international partners we bring costs right down and pass the benefits on to you.

Our mission is to bring people closer together across the globe.

goTel countries

goTel numbers are currently available in 65 countries around the world. We also have many local numbers in different cities throught these countries. And more locations are being added regularly.

Available countries:

If your country is not listed, contact us.